Paint Hose (medium pressure)

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Paint Hose (medium pressure)

Medium Pressure Paint Hose made from quality Polyamide and Polyurethane,widely used for medium pressure of solvents and paints .
It has good abrasion resistance and smooth surface.

Tube: Premium Polyamide
Interlayer: 2 layers of braided high-resistance synthetic fiber

Extreme all weather flexibility even in sub-zero conditions: -40℃(-40℉) to +93℃(199℉)
Good transmission performance for solvents,paints and hydraulic fluids.
Extreme abrasion resistant outer cover and smooth surface with less friction ,prevent rust and scaling.
Flexible and soft ,easy to install and use.
Higher standard than DIN-24951-SAE 100R7-ISO 3949.1


Note:Other sizes,lengths and couplings available upon request.
Custom color and private brand applicable.


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Qr code

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